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Communal Housing - Posted on 12/04/2018

Keep Stairwells Secure

Thieves often consider communal closes /stairwells to be a weak point they can exploit.  This isn't just because of poor physical security, but also because people may not challenge why they're there and sometimes even actively allow them access without checking

If your home is accessed via communal stairwell, there are many ways you can keep it secure:

Make sure your door entry system is maintained in working order and doors are kept locked.

If you live in a property served by a common close / stairway, talk to your landlord or housing association about installing a telephone entry system if one isn't already there. This may be easier to organise if you get together with other residents.

Don't let anyone you don't know follow you though a controlled entry door.
Never let anyone into the building or through a controlled entry door unless you know them or have seen their identification.

If someone should buzz looking for another flat, don't let them in – tell them to call the flat directly.
If you're ordering a takeaway, don't give the delivery driver the keypad number for the door.

Don't leave valuable items such as bicycles in a common close unless you have no other option.

Simple but effective advice, if you are interested in finding out about the possibility of having a door entry system or access control system installed please contact us for a free no obligation site survey and quotation.